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Sandgate Parking Update

March 28, 2019 3:15 PM

CPZ 2 hour parking notice / signYou spoke, we listened, and have got ACTION.

We had a HUGE response to one of our recent leaflets asking about YOUR parking concerns locally. THANK YOU.

We've taken your top local parking problems to Folkestone and Hythe Parking Services, and are reporting back.

In general, most feedback was that the extended CPZ had improved parking for local residents, but that there were still issues. That's what we're trying to address - ways to make the scheme better for all.

There is positive news to report on a number of points, and more to do on some others, but we wanted you to hear first!

Where this feedback refers to action from F&H, that means "Folkestone and Hythe Council Parking Services" with whom we've met and discussed your feedback and issues.

Enbrook Road / Romney Avenue / Oxenden Road

One of the most frequently reported problems is problem parking too close to this junction in Golden Valley. It's caused traffic blockages, especially for buses. F&H have AGREED to install additional junction protection at that junction (subject to consultation). The consultation should be published in local papers this week, and will close on Friday 19th April. If the response is positive, the works should be agreed and completed soon afterwards.

Radnor Cliff and Radnor Cliff Crescent

We had a number of people raise the issues with parking in Radnor Cliff and Radnor Cliff Crescent, especially around weekend parking for the Lower Leas Park.

There will be more regular, dedicated parking enforcement across Sandgate and including Radnor Cliff from 1st April.

On the hours of operation of the CPZ in Radnor Cliff / Radnor Cliff Crescent, it has been confirmed there will be a new consultation with residents in around September.

The options to be put to residents will be agreed with the Residents Association and Parish Council over the summer (probably the scheme "as it is" and a single alternative, maybe based on different Summer and Winter hours), then put to residents.

F&H also agreed to check online maps and make sure that the car park at "other" end of the park (beneath the Leas Lift) is on the website and is offered as an option to park users.

F&H have costed "VMS" (Variable Message signs) that could go at the end of Radnor Cliff Crescent and, for example, advise when the Lower Leas Car Park is full. The cost of these signs is a little over £40,000 but the Council currently has no budget to pay for them.

F&H have also agreed to look at a fixed "alternative parking" sign from Sandgate Hill to suggest people use the car park at the foot of the Leas Lift rather than at the end of Radnor Cliff.

Sandgate High Street and Seafront area

A number of visitors, including those using the Chichester Hall for clubs, have said that a 2 hour parking restriction meant they cut short their 2 hour visits.

F&H have confirmed that there is a ten minute "grace" period for parking in the 2 hour zone. Parking for up to 2 hours and 10 minutes will NOT result in a valid ticket.

Don't stay longer than that, but with those extra few minutes, visitors should be able to arrive, park, get to the hall, complete a two hour session / course and get back to their car.

Additional regular, dedicated parking enforcement across Sandgate from 1st April will also include the central area.

To respond to requests for enforcement "after hours" (to tackle illegal parking in the evening) there will also be evening enforcement visits scheduled.

Enbrook Road Area

Some double yellow lines in Meadowbrook and nearby roads were installed to ward off problem all-day parking, which is now controlled by the CPZ. F&H have agreed to review these lines and where reasonable to do so release parking back to residents.

F&H will also check and if necessary review the distance of parking protection at the junction of Darnley Close and Enbrook Road (where a number of residents felt the parking was too close to the junction) and other junctions to ensure people can pull out safely.

Extensions to Sandgate & Folkestone West CPZ

Some residents outside the current CPZ area (including from Enbrook Valley and Turketel Road) have asked if the zone could be extended to cover their road as they are seeing parking "displaced" into their roads.

F&H confirmed there are no such plans, but that they will listen to requests from residents. If you feel that this is something that would benefit your road, start by contacting parking.services@folkestone-hythe.gov.uk and making a request.

They'll ask for evidence others in your road agree - a petition can work well. If most people in your road would support being covered by a CPZ, it will be considered.


The RingGo system for visitor parking permits has had numerous complaints for being hard to use. F&H agreed to take concerns back to the supplier.
A request to make "paper" visitor permits available to buy has been refused by the current Council leadership.

Saga Additional Parking

Frequently raised with your FOCUS team is the view that Saga have put in planning applications to build a large new onsite car park, but that is has been rejected by the local Council.

We've checked back on past planning applications, and asked F&H the question directly.

There was a planning application from Saga to build a big new car park in 2002, but that was withdrawn (not rejected by the district Council - it was withdrawn before it got to a vote) a little time after Roger De Haan sold the business.

Since then there has never been a new planning application to build that new car park.

There was a relatively recent application (within the last 2 years - Y17/0242/SH) to add another 50 (ish) spaces to the parking on the "loop" near the Church. That was approved, and the spaces built and are now in use.

A planning application would clearly be for the planning department to decide, but F&H Parking Services confirm that in at least the last 15 years, they have not been approached by Saga on this, and are unaware of any application for a large new car park on the site being discussed with the Planning department either. If Saga approached them directly about it, Parking Services would be happy to discuss it as a way to help alleviate parking issues in the Sandgate area.

Chichester Road / Valley Road

One resident was concerned that the sign at the junction of Chichester Road and Valley Road could be misinterpreted.

The zone does not cover Valley Road, but DOES cover the end of Chichester Road. F&H have promised to review the signage.

Castle Road Car Park

Despite requests by local residents to extend the "Permit or Paying" parking scheme in use at Wilberforce road Car Park to Castle Road Car Park, they do not plan to do so. They say there are generally on-street spaces in Castle Road for residents so have no current plans to allow permits to cover parking in the car park as well.

Illegal Parking around the Sandgate High Street / Military Road junction

There will be more regular, dedicated parking enforcement across Sandgate and including Radnor Cliff from 1st April. This will include enforcing the double yellow line restrictions in place, including at that junction.